Resolve to Seek Better Oral Care for Your Furry Friend in 2022

Pet Dental Cleaning Near Me

As we roll quickly into the New Year, many will resolve to do things better in 2022. If you have let your furry friend’s oral care lapse over the past year, now is the perfect time to find a pet dental professional and make an appointment. How would you know if your pet needed a dental specialist? Here are five reasons to contact Veterinary Dental Care for your pet’s care.

Fractured teeth

Believe or not, not every fractured tooth has to be extracted. Although there are some situations where extraction of a fractured tooth makes sense, it is also possible to save dog and cat teeth. The reasons to save teeth include preserving their natural chewing function, prevention of bone removal involved with extractions, and avoiding the pain and recovery of extraction. Root canal therapy and bonding of teeth have been treatment options for years and remain effective treatment options with a good long-term prognosis.

Tooth resorption

Animals can suffer silently from tooth resorption. This dental abnormality causes exposure of the nerve of the tooth and is quite painful. Because animals don’t usually show oral pain, it usually goes undetected without a thorough oral examination and dental radiography. The treatment for this condition usually involves extraction of a painful tooth. Here at Veterinary Dental Care, we can detect this condition and treat it effectively.


Stomatitis is a particular disease in which severe ulcer-like inflammations form in the mouth and gums. It is extremely painful and can lead to an animal refusing to eat. It is usually best to treat this condition before your pet stops eating. We have experience in diagnosing and treating this condition surgically as well as medically.

Anesthesia concerns

Veterinary Dental Care has experience with anesthesia and works closely with a specialized veterinary anesthesiologist. Dogs and cats with heart and kidney conditions benefit from specialized care, as well as possibly taking care of more problems during one anesthetic episode.

Periodontal disease

Veterinary Dental Care mission is to help prevent and treat all dental diseases but we are passionate about treating and preventing periodontal disease. It is the most common disease that affects dogs and cats. We can perform specialized procedures and treat it with specialized medications to prevent this disease that affects so many of our furry family members.

What Sets Us Apart


Not all veterinarians are trained to handle specialized dental cases. When it comes to your pet, taking the time to find the best is essential to ensure that they are cared for appropriately. At Veterinary Dental Care, we only handle dental care because that is our specialty. Our mission is to provide the very best to your pet so that they can enjoy excellent oral health.

Treating to Prevent an Emergency Situation

All too often, we only see patients after they have developed severe periodontal disease or other oral issues. At Veterinary Dental Care, we focus on preventative care and education. By treating disease before it is severe, we can avoid emergency situations that are harder to treat and cause silent discomfort.


Pet oral issues can be complex, which is why it’s critical to find a professional who has extensive training to handle emergencies. The last thing you want to do is spend your time going around town from one vet to the next – while your pet is in pain – to find a solution. At Veterinary Dental Care, we have the training, education, and experience to find the best solution to your pet’s issue so that we can get them on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

All Types of Pets

At Veterinary Dental Care, we take care of all animals in our office. Whether it is a cat, dog, big or small, there is nothing that we can’t tackle. Our specialized care treatment protocols mean that there isn’t anything that is outside of our wheelhouse.

This year, commit to making your pet’s 2022 healthier and happier by resolving to make dental care part of their future. Since your pet deserves the best, don’t simply Google “pet dental cleaning near me” and choose. These are just five reasons to choose us for all of your pet’s oral care needs. Schedule your appointment today!