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At Veterinary Dental Care, we are passionate about your pet’s oral health.

We are a premier practice for both individual pet owners and referring veterinarians in the Charleston area and the Lowcountry.

Our team specializes in the care of oral health for dogs and cats. We believe that good oral hygiene is important for all patients and their quality of life.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Since your animal can’t tell you when they have a dental issue, it is important to have regular examinations to look for signs of pain or discomfort that your animal might not be able to express to you. Our mission is to work closely with referring veterinarians and pet parents to provide the very best dental care in the Charleston area.

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Fractured Teeth in Dogs and Cats

Fractured Teeth in Dogs and Cats

Just like humans, dogs and cats can fracture or break a tooth. When you consider all the things that dogs and cats chew on, it’s not surprising that their teeth can easily break.

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Feline Stomatitis and Tooth Resorption

Pets can be affected by oral disease just like humans. Stomatitis and tooth resorption are two concerns that you might encounter with your pet. Although they are more prevalent in cats, dogs can also suffer from these diseases.

Oral Masses

Oral Masses

Just like humans, pets can develop oral tumors, which are an abnormal accumulation of cells that form in the mouth. A pet’s mouth is composed of several different types of cells, all of which can become cancerous.

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Jaw Fractures

Jaw fractures can happen in the upper or lower jaws or both. Some jaw fractures go unnoticed while others appear as swelling of the face or jaws. The cause of jaw fractures is usually direct trauma. Things like car accidents or attacks by other animals are the most common causes of fractures.

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Other Oral and Dental problems

Not many pet owners think about their pet’s dental health, but it is critical to your animal’s overall health and quality of life. Studies show that animals that receive regular oral exams and care live longer than those that do not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The reason your pet will receive anesthesia for a dental procedure is mainly for pain control and to ensure their safety. During any procedure, we have to probe underneath your pet’s gum line to examine the health of the gums and teeth. If your pet moves or jerks, it can be dangerous. It is necessary to examine under the gum line to treat most oral conditions.
There are times when a tooth can be saved and others when it cannot. With advanced care, we now have many options other than extraction. Extraction, however may be a good option. The only way to know for sure is to have it examined by a dental professional using an oral exam combined with intraoral imaging.
Unfortunately, both cats and dogs can live with oral pain for a long time without showing signs. They will still eat normally and often show no signs of discomfort. A tooth can be diseased for years without any signs of a problem. That is why regular dental exams are so critical.

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